Madrid-based financial services giant BBVA, among the biggest financial institutions in the world, will offer bitcoin custody and trading services by its Swiss subsidiary.

“After half an hour of experimenting using a chosen group of customers, BBVA Switzerland creates its very first crypto-asset custody and trading support readily available to each of its personal banking clients,” based on a statement in the lender’s Swiss office.

The agency is going to probably be limited to Switzerland and can be scheduled to start functioning on June 21 for personal banking customers. A bitcoin management program is going to be incorporated to some BBV Switzerland program, where functionality can be looked at along with other investments.

The statement mentioned that BBVA Switzerland expects to provide exposure to further cryptocurrencies later on. It wasn’t clear how clients could ship their BTC to pockets they commanded, or if this could be possible in any way.

“Throughout the client’s personalized electronic wallet, bitcoins could be transformed into euros or some other present money, and vice versa, mechanically, with no delays and with no illiquidity which affects other electronic wallets or separate agents,” the statement asserted, without pointing to any particular brokers that confront the asserted liquidity problems.

“This is possible as a result of the simple fact that BBVA works with different resources for converting cryptocurrencies, allowing it to guarantee 24-hour investment, handling orders of any size and processing on several orders in precisely the exact same time as you can.”

BBVA mentioned the Swiss ecosystem, even using apparent regulation and comparatively widespread adoption of electronic resources, as the ideal location to try this new economy. Nonetheless, it seems hopeful it may enlarge its bitcoin providers in the not too distant future.

“With this revolutionary deal, BBVA places itself as a standard institution from the adoption of blockchain engineering,” Alfonso G√≥mez, CEO of BBVA Switzerland, stated in the statement. “Within the coming months, we’ll continue to improve and enlarge the electronic asset “