Bitcoin Ink: Study Shows Interest in ‘Crypto Tattoos’ Jumped 222% in the Past Year

A report by Cryptohead that was shared with News shows that people are more interested in having crypto-related tattoos done than they were last year. Crypto Head’s analysis of Instagram hashtag data and Google search volume revealed that interest in crypto tattoos rose 222% over the past 12 months. The research found that 1,900 searches were made for the term “crypto tattoo”.

Love my #Bitcointattoo……thinking about some $ADA tat..too

– Crypto Chris (@Bitcoin1Network March 6, 2021

“Bitcoin tattoo” had 1,600 searches in the last twelve months, while “dogecoin Tattoo” saw 700 searches. The second-largest crypto asset in terms of market capitalization was ethereum ( ETH). However, there were fewer tattoo-related queries. Crypto Head researchers also looked at metrics derived from Instagram, in addition to Google search data.

I am officially a Lunatic! @stablekwon and thank you to my Smith Street Tattoos friends.

– Mike Novogratz (@novogratz) January 5, 2022

The report shows that tattoo-related themes such as bitcoin ( Bitcoin) dominate Instagram, with 986 posts featuring the hashtag #bitcointattoo. The hashtag #cryptotattoo was used in approximately 956 Instagram posts. Only 11 posts included the hashtag #dogecointattoo. The hashtag #ethereumtattoo was again the most popular hashtag on Instagram, with six total posts.

Other social media platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook, also show a number of posts using the hashtag “#cryptotattoo.” Twitter’s hashtag #bitcointattoo is very relevant as many people have shared photos of their Bitcoin ink during the past few years.