Bitcoin Revolution Review

Bitcoin Revolution Review

Before answering this question, let us first cruise the other side to find out what an automated crypto trading software is! Long back when mixer grinders were not commonly found in every kitchen, people used to churn vegetables with their hand. Thus, in simple terms, manual labour was required. But when mixed grinders were available at an affordable price, it took a boom in the market as now one only needs to press a button to get their veggies cut or ground.

Much in the same way, the automatic trading softwares have done away with the requirement of human research and effort that is required while trading. Having said so, you only need to register yourself on the platform, grab a seat and let it do its task. It will compare your investment according to its algorithm and help in increasing your profit.

Let us inform you that the Bitcoin Revolution asks for absolutely no subscription fees. They have created an excellent algorithm, and only uphold 1% of the total profit of a profit-making individual. This means that the software is available free for use.

Moreover, the user-friendly interface also corresponds to the fame of Bitcoin Revolution. One only needs to register, deposit and begin trading to make huge profits!

The Legitimacy Of The Platform

Bitcoin revolution is legitimate, because of the system which it operates upon, the technology is a well-proven one. The testimonials and reviews that the technology has is the surest explanation of its legitimacy, as celebrities have also testified of the system to be one that sure works and works well. Investors should be well aware that there are risks in crypto-trading and users may not always get the results as stated. The system (technology) with which it operates is based on highly sophisticated algorithmic technology that drives the robotic trade. Of all means to show its validity, the result mostly speaks for itself, in the financial fortune, it has built countless many.

Here’s How To Open A Bitcoin Revolution Account

It requires no much technical know-how to open an account, as all that’s required is just a few minutes to set up an account, and the process is very self-explanatory. Also imbedded in the website is a small training process of how to go about the registration for those still experiencing difficulty with that. One tip is to never invest more than you can afford to lose, except otherwise, you are a big risk taker and easy-going with taking chances.

Beginners can also go through the terms and conditions to be well informed and kept abreast about any risk associated with the trade process.

  • Signing up: On the Bitcoin Revolution website, there is the portion to submit your personal details such as name, phone, and email contact upon registering. Also among the first step is setting up a password to secure your account, as one could add special characters to the password, as to have a more secure account. The step also includes the agreement to terms and conditions which apply to use the platform and its usage practices.
  • Deposit: The next step involves payment of a token $250 as capital for the trade, and the platform is not restricted to one payment option, as one can use MasterCard, SEPA Transfer, Visa, Post-pay, and any other digital payment methods of one’s choice. The system is embedded with a customer service facility, where enquires and complaints can be submitted and answered to.
  • Demo Trading: This is a simulation of the real account, and historical data, hence beginners could leverage this to better become used to the process and make as many mistakes as possible to best learn through practice. The demo trade is only accessible to users who have paid the $250 fee.
  • Live Trading: This is where the game begins, as one could opt for manual or for the automated robotic trade, which would save up more time for other engagements.

Key Features of Bitcoin Revolution

It’s common to have doubt when you are looking to invest in a different trading platform so, to summarise, we have collated the key features of Bitcoin Revolution below:

Reportedly a consistent profitability: While it is true that you have to acquire some experience before making profits of large amounts, Bitcoin Revolution claims that once you familiarize yourself with the account and start investing more confidently, earnings can exceed 1000 $ weekly. However, remember that all trading carries risk and there is no guarantee of profit.

Variety in cryptocurrencies: You can not only trade Bitcoin but also Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple. In addition to that you can also choose between pairs of cryptocurrency by cryptocurrency, or by dollar or Euro.

Withdrawals and deposits in acceptable times: Withdrawing your money on this platform will never take more than a day, which makes it a very acceptable alternative.

Safe and friendly verification system: Its verification system is based on the personal user information (name, credit card, etc) instead of complicated documents.

Efficient and safe brokers: This platform carries out operations directly and automatically trough online brokers, which, besides being very effective and having a direct influence on the success of their operations, are also very safe and scam free.

Payouts: Unlike many other robots in the market, Bitcoin Revolution has an “up to 72h withdrawal” policy. When you request to withdraw your funds, it should usually be available to your bank account or credit card of choice within 72hs.

Let’s compare Bitcoin Revolution with the rest of the trading robots:

Bitcoin Revolution

  • Offers a demo account to familiarize yourself with the platform before investing real money.
  • It has a reported success rate of 92% or higher, which makes it an interesting trading robot.
  • The minimum initial amount to start trading is $250
  • Registering is very easy and simple. It takes just a few minutes to sign up.

Other Robots

  • Users are usually forced to invest from the beginning, without trying the platform first.
  • Most are scams or perform unsuccessful trades.
  • Many robots demand that you invest a larger amount, in promises of higher rewards.
  • Other robots require you to fill many forms and their platform is a bit clunky or non-user friendly at all.

Advantages of Bitcoin Revolution

For all types of users: It is a very complex software, with an algorithm that performs very interesting functions for the most experts in the world of cryptocurrency trading, but on the other hand it also has a very simple interface that makes the most novices able to learn very easily about Bitcoin trading. Besides that, registering and configuring your account is a process that takes less than half an hour, and after that, the robot will do everything for you.

Performance: with a reported 88% chance of performing successful operations, this robot offers you the opportunity to perform several operations at the same time. With the minimum deposit of $ 250, you can allegedly make up to 10 different transactions, with the probability of being successful in at least 8 of them. Just remember that all trading carries risks. There is no guarantee of profit on this auto-trading product.

Dedicated customer service: this service is very special because it not only offers you all the help you need, but also offers a live chat option and you can make inquiries at any time of the day.

Information at the service of the user: Besides the option of the demo account to familiarize you with the platform, it also offers tutorials to educate users and help them to learn about the world of cryptocurrency trading.

How to use Bitcoin Revolution?

Aanyone can use Bitcoin Revolution. However, there are recommendations we must to tell you which may help you to reduce the risks of loss.

Here’s some advice to reduce the risk of loss:

Use the Demo account: take advantage of making all possible mistakes while not using real money. Also take advantage of familiarizing yourself with the platform to become an expert.

Take advantage of the information: Besides demo, there are also tutorials and a customer service that can help you acquire more knowledge to increase your chances of success within this platform.

Start with a moderate investment: If you’re a first time investor, you should be looking to deposit no more than $ 250 until you feel like you trust the robot enough. Remember that despite that 92% claimed  success rate, cryptocurrencies represent a market that can change drastically when you least expect it.

Has Bitcoin Revolution been on TV?

In late 2017 during the crypto boom, there’s been rumours of Bitcoin Revolution appearing in a few TV shows. Check down below whether this software has really been on the TV, and which TV shows it was mentioned to be in:

Dragon’s Den
Bitcoin Revolution seems to be one of the best trading apps there is today. It’s really a piece of great work, but despite the rumours it’s never been proved to actually taking part in the show. There are many images circulating through the internet, but those are mostly fake images set out by a few users who invested recklessly a lot of money and lost due to the crypto crash in 2018.
This Morning
Britain’s morning show “This Morning” has been associated with Bitcoin Revolution in the past. Their hosts Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby have been seen in an advert circulating online, where they were featuring Bitcoin Revolution on one of their TV show episodes. None of these, however, have been proven to be real, and we tried to look for the episode online but couldn’t find it, which means they haven’t in fact been on the TV show.
Shark Tank
Similar to it’s UK version of the show called Dragon’s Den, Bitcoin Revolution has never been on Shark Tank, and none of the “sharks” have actually invested any money on Bitcoin Revolution. If you see images circulating around the internet, you can be sure that those are fake.
There’s been a lot of rumours in the past years about Bitcoin and celebrities involved. In 2017, many ICOs have been endorsed by celebrities and successful businessmen, but is that the same case regarding Bitcoin Revolution? You can find below some of the celebrities that have been said to endorse this trading software:

Is Bitcoin Revolution endorsed by Celebrities?

Peter Jones
The Mega-entrepreneur and TV star, the Irish Dragon Sir Peter Jones has been said to endorse Bitcoin Revolution. This was actually used in a campaign being promoted on social media like Facebook by someone completely unrelated to him. Peter Jones has stated he has no involvement with the trading software, and has clarified that via a tweet.
Richard Branson
The owner of the Virgin Tycoon empire, Sir Richard Branson has claimed many times that he is a faithful follower of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. He’s actually said that Bitcoin will eventually lead him to the moon, referring to his “Virgin Galactic” business. There hasn’t been, however, any sort of involvement between Richard Branson and Bitcoin Revolution.
Jeremy Clarkson
Jeremy Clarkson is an English celebrity journalist and writer. There are rumours that he has invested in Bitcoin Revolution. However, our investigation reveals otherwise. Jeremy Clarkson has not shown any interest in Bitcoin Revolution let alone invested in it. The platforms making the Jeremy Clarkson Bitcoin Revolution endorsement are nothing but gossip blogs. Even so, Bitcoin Revolution appears to be legit given the many positive reviews. Most people who have tried this robot are happy with its performance.
Martin Lewis
Martin Lewis, the Money Saving Expert guru has been claimed to endorse other trading software like the Bitcoin Code. He has, however, stated in a blog post that he does not use his face to promote any sort of financial company, let alone any sort of trading app. The same seems to apply to Bitcoin Revolution, which he said he’s got nothing to do with.
Davide Tucci
There’s been rumours about the actor David Tucci turning his 250 euros invested into more than 500 euros by using Bitcoin Revolution within a few minutes. Nothing has been confirmed about this, and he doesn’t seem to have any sort of relation with the trading robot.

Should I invest with Bitcoin Revolution?

Bitcoin is a highly volatile asset. It has allegedly made a lot of people into millionaires over night. If you are looking to trade bitcoin and are a beginner, then Bitcoin Revolution could be a good idea. As always, remember that investing in financial assets carry risk.

Bitcoin Revolution is an auto trading crypto bot that helps users to trade cryptocurrency and renders big profits to users. The software claims that the average win rate that traders would get here is about 88%.

In this text, we will try to compile up a guide  about the Bitcoin Revolution in detail so that if you’re wondering which automated crypto bot to choose, you will get the right idea about this one.

If you have been trading or mining cryptocurrencies, then you must have seen those advertisements on your social media where it would say that automated crypto bots have been making people rich. But as you would agree, there is a lot of fake news that surfaces on social media every day. But in order to find out if Bitcoin Revolution actually does what it claims, give this post a very careful read.

Bitcoin Revolution is just one of the many automatic cryptocurrency trading softwares that are available on the Internet. With a win rate of 88%, this software does what it says, it can make its users big profits. The only reason why we’re considering bitcoin revolution is that it has got excellent reviews from its users, especially beginners. And as you know, we derive our pleasure by educating you all, which is why we would begin the bitcoin revolution review.

Bitcoin Revolution Scam or Trustworthy?

The precise and go-to answer to this question is YES! Bitcoin Revolution is definitely legitimate. Of course, automatic crypto bots are a recent invention, but a number of these have successfully been able to create profits. And, we don’t refrain from adding Bitcoin Revolution in this list.

While going through the Internet, you will come across several automatic trading softwares, which will claim high win rates. But how would you select one from an entire ocean? If you’ve stumbled upon Bitcoin Revolution then congratulations you’ve chosen one of the most honest and legitimate softwares.

We say so based on a test conducted by us in which we were able to convert $250 into $1399 in our first trade. Although Bitcoin Revolution is not as exaggerated as it must look in advertisements, it’s still a decent benefit. Thus, the claim of 88% win rate strands proved.

  • Upto 88-95% Return; higher than market average.
  • We made $1399 as a profit.
  • Multiple Debit and Credit Card Supported for depositing money.

Is Bitcoin Revolution a Scam?

Quick research online for reviews on this trading robot reveals a mosaic of good and bad reviews. With so many conflicting opinions on the same robot, it was prudent to dig deeper for a first-hand experience where possible.

Firstly, the Bitcoin Revolution robot is genuinely a free trading robot that all can use. It is unlike some of the others that require a monthly subscription. However, even though it operates on a sophisticated algorithm, you do not need to be a trading pro to use it as it has an automatic trading feature. Nonetheless, users who wish to create their own strategies can go for the manual option that’s also baked into the product. More Cryptocurrency Robots.

Pros and Cons of Bitcoin Revolution


  • Completely free: The trading robot is free of charge. It is a plus given that its accuracy levels are just as high as that of most payable options. They make their money by partnering with the brokers they provide, giving the customer the best value for money.
  • Demo account: The trading bot allows you to learn the ropes before putting your money into it. Most fraudulent robots do not provide this option.
  • Low deposit amount: The minimum deposit on this Bitcoin robot is $250, which is lower than the subscription fees for some robots. Besides, the deposit is yours, and you can use it to trade.
  • Competent customer support: Bitcoin customer support team is available 24/7 via email, and live chat. You will also get assistance from the linked broker.
  • Convenient: It is purely web-based, which keeps your devices safe and allows you the flexibility to trade on any device with an internet connection and a modern browser.


  • Overselling: There are many lofty claims on the robot’s website that makes it sound too good to be true. A clique of its marketing team has also resorted to creating and spreading fake news about celebrity endorsements.


Is Bitcoin Revolution legit or scam?

We find Bitcoin Revolution to be legit. Their software is active, working and real and many users report profits with this robot.

Can I withdraw the Bitcoin on my Bitcoin Revolution account?

No, you can’t. You won’t really acquire the Bitcoin, but it will be used Bitcoin available in the market by the broker of your choice.

How many profits will I make with Bitcoin Revolution?

Users report making $1k per day with Bitcoin Revolution but profits may vary per user and depending on your investment.

Do I need to select one of these brokers listed in Bitcoin Revolution?

Yes, you need to use one of the brokers displayed on the platform. The reason for that, is because the tool is connected via API to the broker in question, and it’s being used on the platform the broker has made available for the software.

Bitcoin Revolution Review :The Verdict!

Is it worth investing in Bitcoin Revolution? It appears to be a reliable software, according to user reviews.

If you follow the advice given in this article and are both familiar with the platform and reducing risks, you will be increasing your chances of positive performance through this Bitcoin trading robot. Remember to only invest what you can afford to lose, and that high risks come with high rewards.

Free to use88% Claimed win rate
$250 Min Deposit
Accepts credit card and Sofort