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    How To Make Money in Bitcoin with USI-Tech


    You’ve probably heard a lot of stories about Bitcoin in the media, and wondered how you too could become part of the crypto-currency revolution. The good news is that Bitcoin trading is now more accessible and affordable than ever before. In fact, USI-Tech now offers a way to invest in the Bitcoin crypto-currency without any expertise.

    In fact, you can start making money with Bitcoin on a daily basis. After you create a free account- you will then have access to purchase BTC packages for 50 euros each. Each package generates .75% – 1.25% per day for 140 business days.

    There’s one big reason why you need an intelligent Bitcoin investment platform like USI-Tech: most individual traders don’t make money buying and selling foreign currencies unless they are using powerful, proprietary trading algorithms to help them spot the best times to buy and sell. If you’re not using intelligent Bitcoin investment technology that’s been tried and tested in the real world, then you’re facing an uphill battle in the Bitcoin market.

    That’s why USI-Tech has developed a powerful, entirely proprietary software package platform that enables anyone to partake in Bitcoin trading and mining profits. This software has been developed over an eight-year time period, has undergone more than 100 updates, and has been used by high net-worth individuals all over the world to make money.

    The key to the success of the US-Tech software is something known as the Expert Adviser (EA) that is used with Metatrader. This is an extremely powerful trading algorithm that can go to work without any need for the manual inputting of trades. It’s essentially a bot that can spot pricing discrepancies in global Bitcoin markets and get you in and out of a trade before a typical trader even begins to spot a new market trend.

    Moreover, this EA can spot arbitrage opportunities, which are essentially ‘free money’ opportunities. These occur when there is a mispricing in two different Bitcoin markets. It’s hard for individual traders to spot these without a lot of complicated mathematical formulas, and that’s why you need state-of-the-art software that can spot these arbitrage opportunities and act immediately.

    USI-Tech is now recognized as a world leader in Bitcoin investment technology. By buying the company’s Bitcoin trading software and learning more about USI-Tech info, you are laying the foundation for tremendous profits. That’s because you’re not only making money from Bitcoin trading – you’re also making money from Bitcoin mining.

    That’s right – your Bitcoin trading package that you purchase from USI-Tech will make money for you, even as you sleep. Each Bitcoin trading package is designed to work over 140 days. Each day, you are making 1%, for a return of 140% after the full 140 days. You can turn 50 Euro into 70 Euro in just 140 days. Imagine what could happen if you are investing 10,000 Euro – by the end of 140 days, you will have a total return of 14,000 Euro.

    By setting your ‘rebuy’ to 100% will rapidly increase the number of packages that you have by 5 fold over the course of a year. That is the power of compounding!

    And here’s the really incredible part – that 140% compound return is what happens if the price of Bitcoin doesn’t increase. But, as we all know, the value of Bitcoin has exploded in value. It started trading at $0.0054 back in 2009 and is now trading at $4080. By way of comparison, the price of gold is $1290.90 per ounce, meaning a single Bitcoin is now worth almost four times the price of a single ounce of gold!

    That’s the reason why some of the world’s most wealthy and successful businessmen – including Bill Gates and Richard Branson – have called Bitcoin an unstoppable force. By getting your USI-Tech info today, you can become part of this worldwide Bitcoin revolution.

    Bitcoin Price Prediction


    It is quite difficult to depict actual variation of Bitcoin price because this crypto currency depends on several factors. Experts often keep on evaluating some facts about its future growth and those deep discussions are proven to be quite useful for investors. However, My no nonsense bitcoin price prediction is for $6,000 USD by 2018. I’ve had this target ever since Bitcoin price broke $2000.

    Studies reveal that there are six major factors that affect price variation of Bitcoin and they are going to show major impact even by the end of the year 2017. The list includes economic instability, financial crash, Bitcoin ETF approval, the release of Tumblebit and Lightning network, Hereinafter Segwit and Segregated Witness. Those who are planning to invest in Bitcoin for the coming future and want to multiply their profits are advised to have a clear idea about all these terms.

    Effect of Economic Stability and Financial Crash:

    It is believed that the leading economic instability and the global financial crash will cause a surge in the price range of Bitcoin. Experts reveal that if local authorities and governments keep on applying such impractical financial regulations and lead to heavy capital controls than most of the business owners will shift towards bigger investment platforms like Bitcoins. As Bitcoins ensure easy transportability and high liquidity in assets to it is definitely an attractive option for small as well as big investors. Some countries that have currency crises due to politics and government: India, Venezuela, China.

    Bitcoin ETF Approval:

    Many experts are considering Bitcoin ETFs essential part for fund raising. It is believed that several investors and business owners will cause great impact on Bitcoin price shifts. The cryptocurrency platform will be regulated by high profile traders and investors. Presently, two Bitcoin ETFs are under the process of approval for SEC and with this approval, this crypto currency will lead to the maximum investment plans. Several investment firms will play their role in this impactful investment process as it appears one of the safest solutions for profit multiplication.

    The impact of Tumblebit, Lightning, and Segwit:

    The analysis reveals that Tumblebit, Lightning, and Segwit are working like best scalability solutions and they can facilitate a higher level of transactions with increasing user base as well as with the great boost in the liquidity of Bitcoins. Out of all these three options, Segwit is considered to hold the maximum probability as it is supported by miners, start-ups and wallet platforms. Experts say that as soon as Segwit will reach its activation threshold, it will boost the capacity of Bitcoin network by 2.1 times.

    Bitcoin price prediction says that Tumblebit and Lightning are also able to scale Bitcoin network but these methods work in little different manner. Note that, instead of boosting the Bitcoin block capacity, the lightning system assists in easy settlement of all essential instantaneous micro payments. It is really useful because currently, they are not possible due to transaction settlement times. Moving towards the ability of Tumblebit, it works with the highest level of scalability by ensuring anonymity to the Bitcoin users while maintaining privacy and freedom.

    So, predictions say that with the effect of all these three factors, the Bitcoin network is going to become highly efficient and profitable. Business owners and large firms can plan to make big investments in this field.

    Charlie Lee and His Brainchild Creation Litecoin


    Charlie Lee, the former employee of Google, is a personality who managed to create the fourth-largest cryptocurrency in the whole world. Litecoin is known as a peer-peer cryptocurrency that enables instant, very low-cost payments to anyone in the world. It was an alternative online payment method to the pioneering cryptocurrency Bitcoin. This was Charlie Lee’s part time job as he was also working as a director of engineering for Coinbase which is a company that is engaging in cryptocurrency exchange. So, how far have Charlie Lee and his mastermind creation influence the world today?

    Who is Charlie Lee?

    If Charlie Lee as a professional is to be analyzed, it should begin from his career as an employee of Google Inc. It is while working here he invented the cryptocurrency Litecoin in 2011. Then he left Google to work at Coinbase in 2013 as an engineering director until 2016 after which he left it as he wanted to pay more attention to Litecoin. During this time the market for Litcoin was falling, and it stumbled from the 2nd largest to 4th largest cryptocurrency in the world. Charlie Lee’s own idea on cryptocurrency, in general, is that it is a powerful concept that is even able to topple governments. He is known to be one of the honest developers who don’t back away when he is asked for Litecoin discussions.

    What Is Litecoin’s Current Performance?

    The cryptocurrency Litecoin was popularly known as the ‘silver to Bitcoin’s gold’. Yet it faced major drawbacks and declined in activity over the years. Charlie Lee himself has stated that currently Litecoin is in a boring state but will get back on its feet in near future. On the other hand, this comeback of Litcoin saw a burst in the activities of developers and a rise in prices. This was sufficient to renew the attention of the press and social media on Litecoin. One of the best things about Litecoin is that it activated Segregated Witness even before Bitcoin did. This cryptocurrency is also said to be involved in atomic swap projects. Some developers even see Litecoin as a probable testing ground for ideas that will one day be adopted by Bitcoin.

    Will Litecoin Fail in Time?

    It is sure to predict that there will be so many crypto currencies in the future given that it plays a very important role in the modern world. Litecoin has to put up a lot of effort to keep in line with its competitors and is quite possible as Charlie Lee is taking steps to improve it day by day. Even though it may never overtake or compete equally with Bitcoin, it is very unlikely to fail. This is because this cryptocurrency has only declined in demand but has not fallen completely over the years.

    Therefore we can expect a huge improvement in Litecoin through the current active involvement of Charlie Lee. All those who love crypto currencies and ones who are amazed by its growth in the technological arena will surely keep an eye on Litecoin. The supporters of Charlie Lee who know him as an honest developer will continue to support it in future.

    What is Bitcoin Cash? (BCH)


    Before we talk about Bitcoin Cash (BCC) lets really quickly talk about Bitcoin itself so that you have a bit of a grounding.

    What is Bitcoin?

    Simply put, Bitcoin is a peer to peer digital currency (the first of its kind, and definitely the largest). Any transactions between users take place directly, without 3 rd parties – like banks – getting in the middle. These transactions are verified by ‘bitcoin miners’ (distributed Bitcoin software on networked computers around the world) and then the information is stored in a public ledger called a block chain (which is basically a distributed database).

    The value of the currency fluctuates somewhat wildly, however, there is a set maximum of 21 million bitcoins (new bitcoins are released on a schedule but the amount being released halves every 4 years) so based on scarcity alone, they are worth something!

    The Bitcoin wallet is your digital storage medium where you keep all of your bitcoins and you can buy and sell bitcoins through a Bitcoin exchange. More and more merchants accept Bitcoins every day and the speed at which they are jumping onboard is only increasing.

    What’s the deal with Bitcoin Cash?

    OK now that we’ve got the basics of Bitcoin out of the way, let’s talk about Bitcoin cash. It has not gone the complete opposite way and come up with a paper format of Bitcoin despite how the name may sound.

    Bitcoin cash is a ‘fork’ of Bitcoin. This means like a railway track splitting, it’s going in another direction, while the original track that Bitcoin was on, will continue on its course. They will basically be available simultaneously and while they might not be directly competing right now, there is concern that some of the exchanges will not initially be able to support both.

    When this fork happens, anyone holding Bitcoins will have an equal number of Bitcoin Cash also, however it very much depends upon the exchange that they deal with if they will be able to utilize it.

    Why did they do this?

    Well, perhaps unsurprisingly, technology has changed. Bitcoin was initially developed and released in 2009 and in that time the network has been hacked at least once. Bitcoin Cash is planned to offer a larger block size (8MB up from the current 1MB) and will also do away with the controversial SegWit.

    When is it happening?

    August 1 st is the currently planned deadline for the fork. Right now it does not have that much support from users and miners, but once it is in the wild and with the fact that the release is planned to ensure that users keep both their Bitcoins and Bitcoin Cash it could have enough legs to go the distance.

    This is the first time a crypto currency has split in this fashion, so everyone is curious to see what happens. If you have a Bitcoin account, it is probably a good idea for you to check with your exchange to make sure that they will support as you just do not know what is going to happen in the future!

    What Countries are the most Friendly to Bitcoin?


    Most countries at the peak of their financial civilization extend open arms towards bitcoins, the digital currency invented to help fight monetary crisis in 2008. Making financial transactions without involving banks and other financial institutions as middlemen has made bitcoins and al its perks even more appealing to users worldwide, nobody was going to say no to reduced transaction costs any day. Here we are going to get into the most bitcoin-friendly countries, this might come in handy in helping you decide where to go spend your vacation if you have a lot of bitcoins.

    The US
    There are fewer bitcoin-friendly countries out there than the United States. The digital currency is widely accepted by even elite companies like Dish Network and an impressive number of modest business owners are open to being paid in bitcoins. The first protocols were served by the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FINCEN) in March 2013. This effectively put digital currency processors and exchangers under the canopy of the Banking Secrecy Act by tagging them as money service businesses. The only hiccup was a mild one, the companies involving in bitcoin use are meant comply with a series of registration and record-keeping requirements tallying with other financial institutions.

    The digital nature of the currency means there’s going to be some risk surrounding it and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has issued investment advisories that notify and warn users of the risk involved in bitcoin investments. Possession of the currency is taxable because the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) treats it as property.

    The possible use and application of Bitcoin in Canada is tightly regulated by the Canadian government. The country’s government has featured an unstable level of love for bitcoins, but we’ll focus on the best parts. Recent 2013 history states that the first bitcoin ATM was installed in Vancouver which was perfect time because it allowed users trade between Canadian dollars and bitcoin easily. The country was so bitcoin friendly that one of the country’s largest pension funds, the Ontario Municipal Employees Retirement System, was rumored to have invested in bitcoins in 2015.

    Australia was a very bitcoin friendly country without any strict policies against its use. However, in September 2015, 13 user accounts were closed by local banks out of suspicion of incomprehensive transactions that pointed towards illegal activities. The series of events have made the system more scrutinizing to bitcoin transactions, but is gradually finding its place again in the country.

    There will hardly be a bitcoin thread without the mention of Japan. Besides a few regulations here and there, Japan is a very friendly country to use bitcoins in, but, the Mt. Gox scam and bankruptcy that ensued in recent history (February 2014) triggered the introduction of a few regulations to make protect users in the future. The regulations include an acute decrease in the inconspicuousness of transactions and a few policies to thwart money laundering. These regulations have been in place since the early weeks of 2016 and the use of bitcoin in the country hasn’t exactly nosedived.

    What is Bitcoin Mining?


    There’s so much buzz about digital currency (or cryptocurrency) now, and Bitcoin has managed to stand out from the crowd for some good years going now. The vast majority of individuals who patronize Bitcoin and oriented services are just in for the short-term profits they could cut off the market. However, individuals looking to make a market or an industry off the Bitcoin craze may want to know a little more about Bitcoin, like how it is mined for example. So, let’s get into how bitcoin is mined, shall we?

    Everyone who trades in Bitcoins or has a thing to do with the cryptocurrency must have wondered about where Bitcoin flows into the mainstream from and how it is made available for laymen like you and I, okay, mostly you. Well, the sincere and only answer to that is Bitcoins are mined into existence, not exactly like coal, diamonds, gold and some other natural resources. Since most people get their trades off on the internet, it is easy to imagine that Bitcoin is all digital without any physical asset. Most people see the Bitcoin market on the same level as a Ponzi Scheme because not a lot of people know that bitcoin is actually mined.

    Bitcoin mining is how we have bitcoins to trade with on the block chain and by mining new bitcoins are released. The process of mining is a long one but to start with, it includes gathering fresh transactions into blocks and then attempting to solve a computationally grim puzzle. The first person who solves the puzzle gets the chance to mount the next block on the block chain and rewards will be claimed afterwards, heavy rewards. This is exactly what the reward is like, there is the transaction fees which is paid to the miner in the bitcoins and the person gets to go home with some of the released Bitcoin.

    As mentioned earlier, bitcoin mining is not like digging the earth for gold, coal or resources on the same level. It is a rather decentralized mining process; any lad with an internet connection and all the hardware you might need may participate and become a bitcoin miner. Based off the fact that the bitcoin network makes decisions based on consensus, the network’s security is heavily dependent on this decentralized process. So, if there ever was a disagreement about whether or not a block should be added to the block chain, the decision is going to be put to bed by a ‘majority wins the vote’ kind of consensus. Majority here means that at least more than half of the Bitcoin network concurs with the idea on board.

    Block rewards are used to define the volume of new bitcoins released with each mined block. After every 210,000 blocks or four years, the block reward is split fifty-fifty. In 2009, the first block rewards started at 50 bitcoins and fast forward to 2014 and the figure now stands at 25. So, there’s no magic with Bitcoins, it’s all work and smartness.

    Best Cryptocurrency News Sources


    Over the last 5 years, the world has been witnessing growing popularity of a new form of digital currency widely known as cryptocurrencies, the most popular one bitcoin. A research from Google trends says that, ‘bitcoin’ is the most popular term in finance as of 2017.

    It’s not a surprise because cryptocurrencies are generating great returns. Each day more and more people want to trade cryptocurrencies but are not sure where to start because of limited information on them. Here is a list of the most popular and reliable cryptocurrency news sources.

    1. Bitcoin News
    Bitcoin news is undoubtedly the largest and most useful resource particularly if you are looking for information on all things bitcoin. Their writers are some of the best writers in the bitcoin space and they also feature some of the best bitcoin traders in their publication.

    2. CoinTelegraph
    Coin telegraph itself doesn’t have a lot of resources on trading but they are one of the best when it comes to news. If you are looking for those signals and news to help you make your trade decisions, then Cointelegraph is the best resource for you.

    3. CoinDesk
    Coindesk has managed to position itself as the largest cryptocurrency news website in the whole world. Normally, all cryptocurrency traders, newbies and experienced, make frequent stops at coindesk to get more knowledge and information on the bitcoin.

    4. CoinCenter
    Like all financial currencies, cryptocurrencies are affected by the political landscape. Coincenter covers that. These guys provide all information on the political side with relation to bitcoin. In the crypto space,such information related to legislation is referred to ‘legalese’ and coincenter is good at supplying such information.

    5. Cryptocoinnews
    Although the site is still growing, it is positioning itself as one of the best and most informative sites on cryptocurrencies. What sets this site apart from the others is that most sites tend to place too much focus on the bitcoin but Crypocoinnews gives equal coverage to all crypo assets.

    Although there are a lot of other sites providing cryptocurrency news, the ones listed above are the most accurate because they have some of the best writers in the cryptocurrency space.

    USI-Tech Coded Bonus Compensation Plan


    Level 1

    3 directly sponsored partners = 3 x 50 Euro. Each direct partner now qualifies for Level 1 with 3
    direct partners = 3 x 3 = 9 x 50 Euro = 450 Euro CODED BONUS.

    And this continues endlessly in the depth. If the 3-duplication continues, you will triple your
    CODED BONUS income with each generation.

    From each partner in your Level 4, who has qualified for Level-2, you will get 50,00 Euro from
    your sponsored partners and their sponsored partners.

    From each partner in your Level 4, who has qualified for Level-3, you will get 20,00 Euro from
    each of their sponsored partners and their sponsored partners until a partner has qualified for

    This continues endlessly in depth in the ideal case with a triple of income per generation!

    Gen 1
    As soon as level 4 is reached, you get for each level 4 partner in your level 4 for each coded
    bonus payout that the level 4 partner receives 10 euro generations bonus.

    Gen 2
    For the first level 4 partner who is reached by your direct level 4 partner in your level 4, you will
    receive 10 Euro Generations bonus level 2 for each coded bonus payout.

    Gen 3
    This bonus is paid exactly as in Level 2 for the 3 generation. Each 10 euros for each coded
    bonus of the 3rd generation.

    How to buy Bitcoin


    Right now, the world is crazed out with bitcoin, the folks who know little about the currency are wondering what it is, a section of the crowd are optimistic to know how to get it while the fellas basking in the glory of bitcoins only have to worry about how to spend it.

    Bitcoin is a very popular and valuable digital currency in the world now with regards to market capitalization and the market share without the intervention of intermediaries to handle these digital transactions. You remember Bill Gates? Of course, you do, he threw his weight behind bitcoins stating that, ‘Bitcoin is a technological tour de force.’
    It wasn’t just Bill Gate talking however, Nobel Peace Prize nominee, Leon Louw, says ignorance of bitcoins is only indications of an ignorant individual since bitcoins well have the potential to become the world’s most valuable development come the end of the next decade.

    This piece is for the folks by the corner wondering how to get bitcoins. Well, for starters, you buy it. Bitcoins are so popular and common that you could find a hobo looking to exchange bitcoins for a couple of dollars. Bitcoins are bought from the internet these days; from bitcoin users looking to cash out, or from marketplaces with exchangers who accept payment via credit or debit cards, hard cash, electronic wire transfers, PayPal, other cryptocurrencies, and more.

    How to go about buying Bitcoins?
    Firstly, you will want to get you a bitcoin wallet since you will need a place (or online piggy bank if you like) to stock, receive, and send your bitcoins. There are a range of companies providing online bitcoin wallets, all guaranteeing a varying range of security, from which you can choose the security level that makes you comfortable and safe for your transactions. The most commonly used wallet options include:
    A wallet software based on the hard drive of your PC
    A web-based online wallet
    A multisig wallet that offers numerous security options to protect your account and keep your bitcoins safe offline.

    Now you know where to save your bitcoins, but where can you buy bitcoins? Here you go:

    Localbitcoins: – This site lets users arrange face-to-face transactions if desired and prices are negotiable. The escrow service provides impeccable protection for both the buyer and the seller with a helpful review option. Bitcoins can be bought via hard cash, PayPal, or bank transfers.
    Coinbase: – This is one of the most popular bitcoin wallets that also presents easy steps to buying bitcoin. There is a $5 sign up bonus for new users. Bitcoins can be bought via card or bank transfers to buy bitcoins.

    There a ton of wallet and bitcoin trade markets to save and buy bitcoins respectively, but I just had to give you a head start. There goes every bit of information there is to know about bitcoins, no one has to be left out of the bitcoin craze.