Bitcoin Up Review

What is Bitcoin Up And How Does It Work?

Bitcoin Up is advertised as a kind of automated trading app (crypto robot) which executes trades on auto-pilot without any form of human intervention. They also mention an exclusive club reserved for new bitcoin millionaires as well as “precise and accurate hands-free trading” which is powered by an advanced algorithm. That’s about it! There is no serious discussion about the success ratio or back-testing protocols.

Who Created Bitcoin Up?

The Bitcoin Up website does not identify a specific person or group as the mind behind the software. Nonetheless, our research on the internet revealed a group of software developers and former professional forex traders as the creators of Bitcoin Up. There are also many testimonials and online reviews that attest to the authenticity of the product.

Start Trading in 3 easy steps

1 Registration

Registration starts with a new user filling up a short form. The form requires one to provide two names, a valid mobile number, and an active email address.

2 Make a Deposit

Make a deposit through a bank transfer, using debit/credit card, and/or using payment providers such as PayPal. The platform allows a minimum deposit of $100.

3 Start Trading

You can start trading any time after adequate familiarization with the platform. Live trading is easy once you have tested the platform with the demo account.


What People are saying about Bitcoin Up

I am a Bitcoin fanatic who has participated in the cryptocurrency trading market for over five years now. Since I first heard about cryptocurrency trading robots, I have had the opportunity to use quite a number. It is saddening, however, to admit that I have never had a pleasant experience when withdrawing from these platforms. Bitcoin Up has restored my trust in trading robots because I cannot recall a single hitch when carrying out transactions. BTC transactions on this software are seamless and fast, something I have never experienced before.

– Arthur Lloyd

I have zero complaints about this platform. First, their customer care is on point. Secondly, I feel lucky because this is the first time that I have used crypto trading software and have earned exactly what I had hoped for. I am two months in the market and I feel like a weight has been lifted!

– Craig Doyle

A friend recommended Bitcoin Up just two months ago when I was crossing over from Forex trading. Because of COVID-19, I found the forex market lacking the enthusiasm I need to make good returns quickly. Two months later, I have been able to keep my daily returns at a respectable level. I definitely recommend this to anyone out there who wishes to gain better independence and security.

– Aidan Day

I was almost disappointed when I first heard about Bitcoin Up because it is for Bitcoin trading only. I was an Ethereum enthusiast since the cryptocurrency ecosystem began to take shape in 2014. Having taken up the opportunity to use Bitcoin Up, I am enjoying this platform immensely. Now, I cannot even think about going back to Ethereum. For the sake of your knowledge, I particularly love the decent layout of the software and the unique variety of indicators that it offers.

– Andrew West


Pros & Cons


It has one of the best user interfaces in the market and easy to use.

The software gives users regular updates concerning the status of the market. As such, you can stay knowledgeable about your positions.

The AI- and NLP-powered algorithms gather data with more intelligence, which increases the accuracy of the signals provided.

The software partners with regulated brokers for tighter security to protect funds and data.

Offers user convenience while enabling a 24/7 participation in the cryptocurrency market.

Highly responsive customer service


Users do not have the freedom to pick preferred brokers.

Bitcoin Up Review, Live The Laptop Lifestyle Is It Just Another Scam?

So obviously just by reading the first sections of our detailed Bitcoin Up review, it’s quite plain to understand that we are dealing with another confirmed crypto scam. In this specific case we do see a slight deviation from the original time leap sales pitch where they usually talk about how their software is 0.01 seconds faster than the market rates. However, in the FAQ section they mention that the app is “powered by an innovative algorithm that wins trades with 99.4% accuracy”. That’s pretty much it, and this is exactly the root of the problem. We don’t have any testimonials (neither fake nor real), there is no mention or reference to the engine of the software and what type of technology powers it. We don’t see any information about the brokers which are associated with the software, and the “contact us” link doesn’t work, it just opens up the registration box. Additionally we don’t know who is behind this flop, or where they are situated. In short, Bitcoin Up is completely anonymous which is the ultimate red flag, so please don’t join!

Three Official Bitcoin Up Websites, One Confirmed Crypto Scam!

Our research staff was able to identify at least three versions of the Bitcoin Up software, and they are all claiming to be the official website. We have attached a screenshot below for you as a point of reference so you could actually see how this looks like on the search engine.

Three Official Bitcoin Up Websites, How Is That Possible?

This is happening because each of these websites belongs to different affiliate networks, and they are all trying to grab your attention by trying to convince you to join the scam through their registration forms. Each time you enter your details and invest through their site, the network receives referral commission as we have previously mentioned. In reality all variants of the websites will eventually lead you to the final destination, which is a CFD broker. This is extremely problematic because most customers are not even aware of what is happening behind the scenes or have the slightest clue about online trading or Forex.

Is It Free?

No, it isn’t. Get ready to part with at least €250, and sometimes even twice as much. This money will be charged to your credit card by offshore Forex brokers who don’t really care about your financial well-being and will rip you off any chance they get.

Tips for Achieving the Best Results on Bitcoin Up

Bitcoin Up is an auto-trading tool, but there are some tips you can follow to make sure you achieve the best results possible. These include:

  • Try not to monitor the bot all the time because it works better if you leave it alone.
  • Trade during the peak Wall Street activity. This is usually UTC/GMT-7 hours.
  • Invest smaller amounts. You’re a beginner on the website and should invest lower amounts, increasing as you learn. Plus, you can always reinvest your profits.
  • Consider trading with a buddy so that you two can remain focused and keep each other accountable.


Bitcoin Up registration is free, though there is a deposit of $250 required to start trading. This is the minimum amount. You don’t need any money for demo trading, and there are no other expenses with which to deal.

Visit the Official Bitcoin Up Website


Everyone isn’t going to feel comfortable enough to trade. However, when using an auto trading bot, you have more security and can depend on your settings. Adjust your risk level, place the trade, and go about your day.

With few people having job security, trading can be a way to make more money. Bitcoin Up is a safe platform that can give you profits.

Eminent American entrepreneur, author, and motivational speaker, Jim Rohn, once defined financial independence very aptly. He said that financial independence is the ability to live from your personal resources. If you are working for someone else, you struggle throughout your life but never achieve your dreams. Your nine to five job will not give you enough money to live life without worries. There will be times when you have to borrow from friends, relatives, or financial institutions to meet up your expenses.

Open Your Bitcoin Up Account Now From The Official Site

Once you get into debt, life becomes more difficult. You will not even finish paying off one, and you will need to take another. So, to avoid such a situation in life, it is better to have another source of income. And you can earn the best profits when you trade in cryptocurrencies with Bitcoin Up.

This advanced Bitcoin trading platform predicts profitable trades for you. The high accuracy rate of this trading application eliminates the chances of making any loss. It is popular with investors because of its trustworthiness. The number of members of this trading app is increasing by leaps and bound.

Make the right choice to become financially independent. Join Bitcoin Up and live life on your terms.


Is Bitcoin Up a scam or legit?

Bitcoin Up is a legitimate platform.

How much can you earn in profits each day?

Many users claim to make good profits, but you must test out the product yourself.

What currencies can you use?

Bitcoin Up allows for many digital currencies, such as Bitcoin.