Best Cryptocurrency News Sources

Over the last 5 years, the world has been witnessing growing popularity of a new form of digital currency widely known as cryptocurrencies, the most popular one bitcoin. A research from Google trends says that, ‘bitcoin’ is the most popular term in finance as of 2017.

It’s not a surprise because cryptocurrencies are generating great returns. Each day more and more people want to trade cryptocurrencies but are not sure where to start because of limited information on them. Here is a list of the most popular and reliable cryptocurrency news sources.

1. Bitcoin News
Bitcoin news is undoubtedly the largest and most useful resource particularly if you are looking for information on all things bitcoin. Their writers are some of the best writers in the bitcoin space and they also feature some of the best bitcoin traders in their publication.

2. CoinTelegraph
Coin telegraph itself doesn’t have a lot of resources on trading but they are one of the best when it comes to news. If you are looking for those signals and news to help you make your trade decisions, then Cointelegraph is the best resource for you.

3. CoinDesk
Coindesk has managed to position itself as the largest cryptocurrency news website in the whole world. Normally, all cryptocurrency traders, newbies and experienced, make frequent stops at coindesk to get more knowledge and information on the bitcoin.

4. CoinCenter
Like all financial currencies, cryptocurrencies are affected by the political landscape. Coincenter covers that. These guys provide all information on the political side with relation to bitcoin. In the crypto space,such information related to legislation is referred to ‘legalese’ and coincenter is good at supplying such information.

5. Cryptocoinnews
Although the site is still growing, it is positioning itself as one of the best and most informative sites on cryptocurrencies. What sets this site apart from the others is that most sites tend to place too much focus on the bitcoin but Crypocoinnews gives equal coverage to all crypo assets.

Although there are a lot of other sites providing cryptocurrency news, the ones listed above are the most accurate because they have some of the best writers in the cryptocurrency space.